Trent Wilkie is a writer/journalist/performer in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Trent has written for CBC Radio (The Irrelevant Show), See Magazine, Vue Magazine,, Merge Magazine, Toronto Life and Fitness, Canadian Emergency News, FFWD Magazine, Notebook Magazine and Trent is also a member of Mostly Water Theatre (, a multi-media sketch comedy troupe that has been dubbed as ” a perfect mix of boneheadedness and sophistication”. He has also been a wilderness canoe guide for close to ten years and considers the deep dark woods a therapy that only comes at the cost of comfort. When not being overwhelmingly stuffed into various projects, Trent likes to relax while watching horror movies or trying to invent the perfect three chord song.
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Darren was always the best of the bunch, and this is achingly sad.

“When Darren Zenko entered palliative care three weeks ago, his friends were filled with an almost ineffable grief. There was a grim finality about the move to the Grey Nuns Community Hospital, a certain and heartbreaking sign that the 38-year-old was in the last stage of his long battle with cancer…Zenko, a proofreader and freelance video game and culture writer at The Journal for many years, was first diagnosed with a sinus tumour in April 2011. It had been misdiagnosed as several more common ailments before the real diagnosis was made, too late. There was nothing his friends — many of whom are part of Edmonton’s arts community — could do about the horrible disease stealing his life, too soon. They could, however, show him how much he meant to them by pooling their creative talents. Some were already working on a comic book based on the stories Zenko was writing. Others decided to make him a quilt.” Read more about Darren at the Journal

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